Frequently Asked Questions

In-Person Attendees:

  • If I’m in-person, should I still use the scheduling software?
    • Yes. We’ve implemented a new platform, where all attendees will be able to reach out and request meetings with each other. The software can host virtual meetings as well as denote locations for in-person meetings.
  • Will the content programs be live events?
    • Yes. Content programs will be in-person AND live streamed on the virtual platform. All attendees get the exact same content in the same manner. We’ll be able to include audience Q&A as available with the speakers.

Virtual Attendees:

  • How will the event flow virtually?
    • The virtual platform will have all meetings, content, and networking (virtual ballroom) in one spot. There is an event calendar you can download to sync with your everyday calendar.
    • Along with the virtual meetings, the software also has a “virtual ballroom” where there are tables that each attendee can go sit at and have a virtual chat with others at the table. If you see the photo below, each circle is a person at the virtual table. Attendees can move around the ballroom to different tables and meet anyone. It’s very similar to running into new people walking around! (We did this for our Wine Tasting back in September and it was a BIG hit! The screenshot below is from the Wine Tasting.)
  • How will virtual attendees interact with in-person attendees?
    • The scheduling software bridges the gap, so virtual and in-person attendees can have meetings throughout the conference. For the self guided networking, those attending virtually will only be able to network with virtual attendees.

DealSource Attendees:

  • How will it work with in-person and virtual attendees?
    • In-person and virtual DealSource participants will still be able to function like normal. Instead of all meetings being in-person, there will be a mix of in-person/in-person; in-person/virtual; and virtual/virtual. Therefore, no matter how someone attends, they can still meet with any DealSource participant.
  • How will it work if I’m virtual?
    • Instead of going to a specific room and moving from table to table, you will just click from meeting to meeting in the virtual software platform.
    • Each meeting will be in a secure virtual meeting room, so you can video chat with the other participants and screen share information.
  • How will it work if we’re meeting with someone who is virtual and we’re in-person?
    • We will have the Virtual Lounge available for those in-person to have a quiet space to video chat on site.
  • Why would I do DealSource over a general participant?
    • Exhibit space to host meetings for Private Equity (different from previous years)
    • Early access to schedule meetings with other DealSource participants
    • Reception time with DealSource participants only prior to the Opening Reception
  • Can anyone sign up for DealSource?
    • No, this is designated for Private Equity and Investment Bank firms only
  • Who is hosting the DealSource meetings?
    • In past years Investment Banks have hosted the meeting tables, this year Private Equity Exhibitors will have the meeting space. This change is due to health and safety limitations.
      • In-person: actual exhibit space in the Marketplace
      • Virtual: virtual meeting rooms and a designated virtual table in the Virtual Ballroom

Other Questions:

  • Isn’t virtual less valuable? 
    • No, we are actually seeing virtual events becoming more valuable than in-person! With attendees being able to save travel costs (also not travel for health/safety), ACG Chapters have been seeing an expansion of attendees from all over the global at virtual events. The networking opportunities have increased, and we know it’s helping business grow and provide more opportunities for everyone.
    • With our scheduling software, we’ve made the event more valuable than ever. Virtual and in-person both get to capitalize on this.
  • So why is virtual ticket prices cheaper?
    • We removed the food and beverage hotel cost, so we could pass the savings on to you.
  • Will there be a VIP Party?
    • No, we have removed the VIP Party. We know so many of our attending companies prefer to host their own smaller get togethers. This was removed at the March 2020 event, and companies were very appreciative.