2023 ACG Access Information

Please allow up to 24 hours to receive your ACG Access login information after registering. Due to the nature of the software, we only upload new registrants once a day. Thank you for your patience and understanding! 

ACG Access Link: https://acgdfw.cssconventus.com/tacc-2023
Your Email is your Login

Scheduling Software Instructions

Please read through the directions, your login information is at the bottom of the email. Locations are NEW this year, please read thoroughly. Our official DealSource scheduler, ACG Access, is officially open to update your profile, review the attendee list and request one-on-one meetings. Meetings will be 20 minutes in length only. Anyone can request meetings, but you must accept the meeting to confirm a spot on the calendar.

Technology Requirements:

  1. In order to ensure the best possible event experience, Chrome is the preferred browser. Mobile devices and iPads may not give access as expected.
  2. If you have issues with your work computer, please consider using your personal computer to gain access — e.g., firewalls, VPNs, etc.

Logging in:

  1. If you have used ACG Access previously:
    • Simply enter your email and your most recently created password. If you can’t remember your password, please click the Forgot Password link
  2. If you haven’t used ACG Access before:
    • Upon arriving to the login screen, select First Time Logging In
    • Enter your email and select Send New Account Email. You will receive a link allowing you to set your password.


  1. Once you enter the DealSource scheduler, you will land on the Profile tab.
  2. Please confirm your information or edit your profile by entering the new information and selecting Save Changes at the bottom of the screen. Please note not all fields are editable.
  3. Note: The Profile Tab is vital to help other firms determine who will be a good fit for meetings.


  1. This screen allows you to manage your overall calendar.
  2. If you would like to delete the event/meeting, select click the meeting and select Cancel Meeting. If you are removing an unavailability block, click the meeting and select Delete and the event/meeting will be removed.
  3. To block your unavailable times so that other participants don’t request meetings with you during that time, simply click on the calendar in the time slot and type the name of the event/meeting (only you will see this) for your reference. Click Submit.

Attendee Search:

  1. To find participants you would like to meet with, use the filters and the search box to narrow down your audience. Check the boxes in the search filter to find users who match your criteria.
  2. To learn more about a user, click their name and a panel will open on the right-hand side of the screen.

Request a Meeting:

  1. Once you have found a participant you would like to request a meeting with, tap Request a Meeting.
  2. Enter a name for the meeting in Event Title such as “Introduction” and add a note (optional).
  3. Please note that you do not select a time to meet upfront. If the participant would like to meet with you, they will select a time you are both mutually available.
  4. If there is a particular time you would like to request, put that in the note section of the invite. Once you have sent the invite, the status of that user will be Pending.


  • DealMaker Lounge: There are 45 tables in the DealMaker Lounge, and you can request to meet at any of them through the conference. These tables are numbered and can only host one meeting at a time.
  • Marketplace: Sponsors and Private Equity firms that have a booth in the Marketplace place have locations you can choose as well. There are not tables/chairs to sit at, however, you can use this as a meeting spot.
  • Foyer: Investment Banks that participated in DealSource have one table in the Foyer (whether the software says Table 1 or 2).

Accept a Meeting:

  1. Login and go to the Incoming Requests tab.
  2. To confirm If you would like to accept the request, select Pick a Time.
  3. You will then be taken to a calendar that displays both your schedule and the requester’s schedule, as well as your blocked availability.
  4. Please note that times at which the requester is unable to meet are in black. Select a time you are both free and click Confirm.
  5. The meeting will automatically be added to both calendars.
    NOTE: If you do not want to schedule a meeting with someone who has requested one with you, or you simply want to decide later, select Snooze. That request will be moved to the Snoozed Requests tab and can be unsnoozed at any time. If you snooze a request, the attendee who made the request will not be notified.

If you have any issues logging into ACG Access or need additional login instructions or assistance in navigating the portal, please contact acghelp@conferencesolutions.com.