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               For nearly two decades the Texas ACG Capital Connection (TACC) has been the most significant
               private equity and debt capital event in Texas and the Southwest. Texas is hot—we’ve never been
               hotter! So it’s fitting that as one of the largest and most prestigious ACG Capital Connections in the

               country, TACC welcomes more than 100 of the nation’s leading private equity and mezzanine firms
               to the Lone Star State, representing more than $100 billion of capital available for investment.

               After deferring last year’s event to keep attendees safe, anticipation for returning in-person has

               reached a fever pitch. As a result, we’re expecting this year’s happening in Dallas to be the BEST
               TACC ever!

               To achieve this outcome, we have worked throughout the pandemic to implement upgrades.

               Most significantly, we’ve vetted and invested in a breakthrough software technology that will
               meaningfully expand the tools and resources each attendee will receive. The software is called
               ACG Access, and it will dramatically increase the efficiency and effectiveness of managing the most
               valuable asset at TACC, relationships. ACG Access will become a constant companion for weeks in

               advance as attendees plan and execute their own strategy for being ‘in the room where it happens.’
               ACG Access further provides branding opportunities heretofore unparalleled in our history.

               Our sponsors will be featured in new and exciting ways, for longer periods of time, multiplying

               advertising exposure and increasing the return on your partnership dollar. And in the final analysis,
               TACC is the shining star it is because of dedicated partners. Your commitment to lead the way
               makes it possible for those of us who volunteer to serve and support our industry. For that reason,
               we want to make your partnership with our 18th Annual TACC your best returning investment ever!

               See you in Dallas!


                Tony Banks
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