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               For two decades, the Texas ACG Capital Connection “TACC” has been
               the most significant private equity and debt capital event in Texas and
               the Southwest. The Texas market is increasing and not slowing down,
               so it’s fitting that as one of the largest and most prestigious ACG Capital
               Connections in the country, TACC welcomes more than 100 private equity
               and mezzanine firms, over 50 investment banking firms, and 80 plus
               lending organizations to the Lone Star State, representing more than $100      We want to
               billion of capital available in one room.
                                                                                              make your

               We are thrilled to celebrate 20 years of Texas being the go-to state           partnership with
               for deal flow, networking, and business development. As our 20th
               Anniversary, we are honored to celebrate each and every attendee, and          our 20th Annual
               look forward to helping with growth of your business.
                                                                                              TACC your

               We are continuing to grow and evolve as the business climate does, and         best returning
               in doing so, we have a better ACG Access scheduling tool than years past.
               We also have solidified the event as two days, so every individual can         investment ever!
               maximize their time spent in Texas.

               In final analysis, TACC is a shining star because of dedicated partners,
               sponsors and exhibitors. Their commitment to lead the way makes it
               possible for those of us who volunteer to serve and support our industry.
               We hope our 20th Annual TACC is your best returning investment ever!

               See you in Dallas!

               Tony Banks
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