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                                                                                  TACC CO-CHAIR
                                TACC CHAIR
                                Tony Banks                                        Dan Vermeire
                                Director                                          Managing Director &
                                RSM US LLP                                        CFA Dallas

             Tony is a Director and National Sales              Dan has a track record of success in
             Leader for Corporate M&A Advisory at the           corporate development, acquisitions and
             accounting firm of RSM US LLP.                     deal structures. His career began with
                                                                technology engineering and grew to include
             Prior to joining RSM, Tony worked as Director      all business leadership functions. He has
             and National Private Equity Sales Leader for       pioneered market regions, set record-level
             Grant Thornton, LLP.
                                                                sales closings and led strategic development
             Before his time at Grant Thornton, he was the      programs for corporations in the middle
             Director of Business Development for Hein &        market.
                                                                Dan has advised or led nearly a hundred
             Prior to his experience with Hein, Tony            successful corporate development projects
             worked as a Vice President for JD Ford &           involving all aspects of strategic planning,
             Company, a Denver-based, investment                M&A process execution, due diligence,
             banking firm.                                      and integration programs. Advisory sector
                                                                experience includes heavy manufacturing,
             Tony also worked in New York and in Dallas         technology, food and beverage, and energy
             for Goldman Sachs’, PWM Division.
             Before he joined Goldman Sachs, Tony was           Dan received a BS Business Administration
             the Director of Marketing for Alexander            with Honors from the University of Kansas,
             Capital Management Group, a Denver-based           and has further studies with The Chasm
             asset management firm.
                                                                Group, Miller Heiman, Karrass, and SMU’s Cox
                                                                School of Business.

                                                                Dan heads CFA’s Technology Practice Group
                                                                and was recently named “Dealmaker of the
                                                                Year” by Corporate Finance Associates and
                                                                by DCEO Magazine.
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